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    Debbie Rubin

    I think of my camera as a tool for seeing the extraordinary in everyday things, and for evoking nature’s inner essence. It has taught me to make the most of each moment and to experience the world with a sense of honor and patience.
    Often, this happens before dawn, here where I live in south Florida. When I venture out in the early morning, it is not unusual for me to see alligator’s eyes twinkling in the darkness, or to encounter a snake slithering across my path. I can hear the frogs croaking, the dragonflies skimming across the swamp, and the birds waking one another with their tentative chirps. This is the chorus that prepares me for the moment the light announces the sun’s arrival. Once I study the movement of light and shadow, I look for symbols in nearby objects. To me, the gift of an artist’s life is the mission to live in search of that fundamental essence present in even the most familiar places.

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