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    Website search
    We love receiving image uploads from our members, many of which get posted on the LPM website and shared across our social media platforms. If you wish to access your published posts, the website offers a search function so you can simply add your username in the search bar and hit ‘enter’.

    Magazine index
    If you own all magazine issues so far and you wish to have a full index of their content at your fingertips, then download the magazine index file. You can find all content by title, by author and by category. The file format is in xlsx format. We will do our best to keep this index list updated. On the website's navigation bar choose EXTRAS > Magazine Index.

    Blocked email responses
    For a variety of reasons, most of them unknown, email providers regularly block mail sent by certain companies from reaching their client’s accounts. Unfortunately the LPM emails frequently seem to fall into this category, meaning our mail cannot reach you even when we are responding to an email you have sent us. Some of the most frequently blocked providers are, and @btconnect. If you are using one of these providers and you do not receive a response from us, it will be because our email has been blocked as we do reply to every single request we receive. Besides frequently checking your junk mail, one thing you can do is contact your email provider and request to add to their whitelist. Ultimately, if the issue is causing you repeated problems, the simplest solution is to replace your email address with a more accessible one, such as

    Picture duration on site
    If you are wondering why some of the images you have published on the website have been deleted, the answer is that the majority of published images stay on the site for six months. Only VIP members can display their published pictures on the website for as long as their membership is active, which could be for ever.


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