How to download Landscape Photography Magazine

1) From the navigation bar, visit MAGAZINE > ALL ISSUES. You will land on the archive page.
2) Choose the issue you wish to download.
3) Click the 'Download' button (see sample screenshot on the right).
4) If you cannot see the download button in the 'Welcome' box or your username in the same box or at the top left corner of the page, you are not logged in.
5) You can only download one issue at a time, but you can download the same issue as many times and to as many devices as you wish.

Download Problems

1) Are you using the Chrome browser?
If you are, please update your Chrome browser to its latest version and clear all cache and cookies; the problem should be fixed. Failing that, please use a different browser. Although the majority of members who use Chrome are fine, some members have reported problems.

2) Are you using the Safari browser?
Safari has a tracking feature that doesn’t allow certain downloads to occur. Make sure you disable that function. Visit Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking and untick Prevent cross-site tracking. This should solve the problem. Failing that, please use a different browser.

If none of the above works, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and describe the problem in detail. You can also send us screenshots if you wish.


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