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Purchase a Landscape Photography Magazine Gold membership gift voucher and treat your friends or family to one of the best gifts a landscape photographer can ever receive. As a Gold member they will have access to the website and 12 issues of the magazine for a full year, theirs to download and keep. All this for only £29.

Here is the simple procedure to follow:
1) Fill in the form. Add your own name and email address.
2) Click [+] Add Billing Method
3) Wait a couple of seconds for the popup window to appear
4) Add your debit/credit card details and click add
5) Click Submit Form and wait for a few seconds until payment is processed and approved
6) Upon payment completion you will be transferred to a page where you can access the Gift Voucher Code. You can click the code to activate it and create a new membership account. Alternatively, you will receive an email with a link to access the Code. You can forward that email to the person who will activate the code and create a membership account.

Payment Problem?

If you are using advert blocking software, you might not be able to see the [+] Add Billing Method popup, which allows for payments. Please disable your adblocking software temporarily until payment is complete.

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