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Where can I check my membership level and account details?
Account > Your Profile from the navigation bar. In there you can check and edit your profile, your membership level how may issues you have downloaded and much more.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
You can request a new password within our login page, simply click “forgot password?” and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems while trying to change your password, this usually comes down to two things:
1) Using the wrong username or wrong email. If you do not remember either, you will need to contact us to retrieve them.
2) Browser cache problems. Browsers get choked up and behave strangely, cache needs to be cleared every so often. Clear the cache (Google search on how to do it for the browser you use) and refresh the page (hit the F5 key), this should fix any potential problems.

I forgot my username, how do I retrieve it?
Use the contact us form on the next tab and send us the email address you subscribed under. We will trace your username and let you know.

What is the best way to read the magazine?
The magazine is created by using Adobe software. For best reading results we strongly recommend you fully download the pdf file and open it in the latest version of 'Adobe Reader'. Any other reader including web browsers might not be fully compatible and might not display the full magazine content correctly.

How and where from do I download the magazine issues?
All issues of the magazine can be found in our Magazine Archive page. You can access this from the navigation bar. Choose the issue you wish to download and click on it. You will be transferred to that issue’s page. Now you can see the large ‘Download’ box, you just click the ‘Download Issue xx’ button and the download will commence instantly. Please note, if you can’t see the download button, it means that you are not logged in.

Can I download back issues?
In theory, yes, in practice, no. Let us explain. All membership levels have access to back issues. However, Special Offer and Gold members should download current and future issues only, as this is what they have paid for. You may download back issues but your account will be charged as having downloaded a future one. Only Platinum and VIP level members can download any or all back issues as this is what they have paid for.

Here is an example: your Gold membership started on 1 September 2020 and will last for one year. This allows you to download the September 2020 issue up to (and including) the August 2021 issue. If you download, for instance, the May 2015 issue, this will be debited to your account as one download and will replace one of the downloads between September 2020 to August 2021.

Simply put, you pay for 12 issues - you download 12 issues.

How can I save and read the magazine on my iPad?
We recommend you install the free Adobe Reader app to start with – make sure you always use the latest version. Now, use the iPad's Safari browser (avoid using Chrome for downloading the magazine) to visit the website and access the 'Latest Issue' page – make sure you are logged in. Click the download button and start downloading (allow sufficient time for the download). As soon as download is finished, the magazine will open for viewing. Gently tap on the magazine cover, a bar should appear briefly at the top of the screen that reads "Open in Adobe", click on it. It will take a few seconds and then the pdf file will be placed in your Adobe's stack. You may also try the iBooks app or any other app you wish. However, we do not really recommend them as they might not be fully compatible. All above is also recommended for other tablets and mobile devices.

Please Note: Some members have reported problems with missing or messed up text when the magazine is viewed in iBooks. We test every issue on iPad and the newest iPad retina and we do not publish before we are certain that the magazine displays perfectly well. However, latest upgrades on various devices can cause font compatibility issues that can affect the way a pdf file is displayed, hence we recommend Adobe Reader.

My membership expired and I can no longer download the issues I have paid for.
That is correct. We use membership software that has expiration dates and allows downloads from active members only. We are really sorry but we informed you about this on the same page that you download the magazine. Please ensure you have downloaded all issues paid for while your membership is active. Once your membership expires you will be unable to download any further issues. However, if you have missed one or two issues, we will send them to you – please use the 'Contact us' form to inform us of the case.

I seem to have problems logging in to the site.
This usually comes down to browser cache problems. Browsers get choked up and behave strangely, cache needs to be emptied every so often. Assuming you are using the correct password, empty the cache (Google search on how to do it for the browser you use) and refresh the page (hit the F5 key), this should fix the login problem.

Also, this website uses cookies. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser.

How many times can I download the same issue?
We allow access to as many “unique” issues you have paid for. For instance, if you have paid for 12 issues, you are allowed to download 12 'unique' issues.

Please Note: Repeated downloads of the same exact issue are NOT counted against the total of the 'unique' issues. Once a file has been downloaded, future downloads of the same exact file will not be counted against your total downloads. In other words, if you download issue 20 five times, the system only counts that as 1 'unique' download.

503: Service Temporarily Unavailable - Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
On some occasions and while you try to login to your account you might get the following error report: "503: Service Temporarily Unavailable - Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area! - Please contact Support if you need assistance". For safety reasons our system allows our members to login to our site from 10 different IP addresses per month. If you log in from more than 10 IP addresses or if you are sharing your account with others, then the system will lock you out. Contact us when this happens and we will re-activate your account; however, you need to take precautions so this does not happen often.

Can I see a sample of the magazine before I subscribe to it?
Of course you can, you can download our Free Sample from inside the navigation bar: MAGAZINE > FREE SAMPLE ISSUE.

Is LPM a printed magazine?
Landscape Photography Magazine is not a printed publication, it is a Digital Magazine in pdf format and it is downloaded exclusively from our website.

Computer / Tablet Failure
We strongly recommend you keep copies of all issues paid for on a separate hard disk drive. In case of an unwanted failure of your machine or tablet, you will be unable to retrieve any of the issues once your membership has expired.


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