John Hanses

I have been shooting large-format films for the past 35 years, predominantly landscapes, and I have been making a living from it for the last 15 years, though I am just coming off a 2.5-year hiatus.
My landscape images are usually pretty simple, well lit and composed. I have always printed large, and now my standard size is approx. 60″ x 80″.
My images are all about the mood, the detail and the light, so they really need to be seen on such a scale as this. I print on fine art matte paper with only a protective UV coating and without glass unless requested by the client.
Most of my images have been made in California, though my favorite place to shoot so far was in Japan. I have planned a 6-week shoot there for 2024, mainly in the gardens of temples and shrines in Kyoto.

My Camera Gear

Toyo Field 45cf
Kodak Masterview 8×10
Intrepid 8×10
Nikor 135mm f/5.6
Nikor 190mm
Schneider 210mm



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