Hannah Hillebrand

I started my working life as an ICU nurse. Over and over again, I am reminded of the environment that life is in right now. That is a big part of what encouraged me to pursue my second career as a cellist, healer and photographer and what drives me to be fearless in pursuing what sets my soul on fire. On all the days, I am an adventurer – and I take my camera along! I take photos that I hope will inspire curiosity in others to see this world as wondrous.
I believe in hard work, in challenging myself and in finding my ‘why’ each and every day. I believe in everyday magic and moments of awe. I strive to embrace impermanence and mortality with joy and grace and allow it to change the way I live. I believe in the natural world’s power and that we are inseparable from nature. I believe in living a life from which I do not need a vacation. I believe we can empower each other to live simply, fully and vigorously. I believe strongly in empowering others to explore the depth of the human experience, especially the emotions and feelings we are so often taught to push away.
Live your truth. Speak it kindly.

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