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Brittany Simkin

I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but I have lived in Haines, Alaska, for eleven years.
I am married to my best friend Vinny and have an amazing son Quinton. Living in Alaska with my family is exciting and a new adventure every day.
My pictures are just a tidbit of the time spent in the great Last Frontier. The majority of them are captured in the town of Haines in Southeast Alaska – the scenery of southeast Alaska is unforgettable. I have found myself staring at the mountain ranges, rivers, wildlife, nature and more in disbelief.
I love sharing my pictures with others so everyone could enjoy a little bit of Alaska in their homes.
I have always loved the meaning and emotion behind photography. A photographer’s ability to capture so much in a split second of things, such as something that many people pass by without noticing.

My Camera Gear

Olympus EM1 II
Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8



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