Forrest Dow

I am a landscape photographer, traveler and outdoor enthusiast.
I am inspired by the natural beauty of the world around me. I create images that are true to life, while at the same time sharing my personal experience.
Having a perspective that differs from the rest is what creativity means to me. Originality is key to separating ones self from the crowd. My style of photography derives from specific moments in time that catch the fleeting moments in nature.
Born and raised just south of Boston Massachusetts, I was fortunate to have ample amounts of nature destinations in close proximity. Driving just a few ours north, I found myself escaping to the White Mountain National Forest many times. There is where my love for the outdoors, nature and hiking came to fruition. I then needed a tool to capture the moments I so desperately needed to remember and share with others.
Picking up a camera for the first time changed my life. I traveled everywhere with it, taking pictures of anything and everything that deemed itself worthy for the click of a shutter. After years of trial and error, I then began capturing landscape images that I enjoyed sharing with the world.
I am constantly on the hunt for originality and that moment in nature that takes my breath away.

My Camera Gear

Canon R5
Canon 6D Mk II
Canon 70-200mm f/4
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Canon 16-35mm f/4



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