Ted Forman

My journey in photography started when I purchased my first SLR camera in 1978. I had just moved from the East coast to California. I was eager to both explore and photograph the great western landscapes of our country. These were the days of film photography when you were limited as to how many images you could create based on the amount of film rolls you were carrying. Fast forward twenty five years. The digital era of photography is heating up. By now using a digital SLR I was able to capture as many images as I'd like, and view them instantaneously on the back of the camera. By reading books and magazines I was able to improve my photography and learn how to use computer software to process the images. This gave me control to develop my own photographic vision and create the kind of image I want the viewer to see. Following the work of other photographers further expanded my knowledge base. I started to photograph wildlife and city scenes in addition to my first love, landscapes. As time went on I started to use both social media and photo sharing sites to have the public view my photographic vision. I have had several photos published in magazines such as Landscape Photography Magazine and Wild Planet Photography. In January of 2017 one of my images was featured in the travel section of the Seattle Times. It is truly an honor to be recognized by these publications. I am now based in the northwest corner of the United States, in the high desert of Central Oregon. Most of my work involves creating images of the landscapes in this part of the world-the mountains, coasts and deserts-along with the wildlife I encounter. I also enjoy exploring and photographing the desert southwest. The journey continues, as does the learning experience. I hope that when you view these images you will feel a part of this journey.