Wodzilki, Poland by Jaroslaw Jasinski

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Picture Story

On February morning I went with my friend Maciej to the frosty area which is called Suwalszczyzna. The day was very foggy. The fog was slowly rising up and in the sky there was a white shade illuminated by the sun. The ground covered with snow merged with the sky and formed a white impenetrable wall.

An Icelandic saying goes: ‘On a white, white day, when the sky cannot be distinguished from the ground, the dead can speak to those who are still alive’.

We reached the village of Wodziłki, where we came across a small Protestant cemetary. The cemetary was overgrown with hudge trees covered with rime. A tangle of frosen twigs wound up towards the fulgent sky. The whole thing resembled a gothic cathedral illuminated with light.

Using the fisheye lens / Pentax 6x7 35 mm/ enhanced this monumental efect.

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