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    Very nice shot with the juniper in the foreground. I’ve not seen images of it with snow. May I ask what time in winter you visited?

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    Really lovely shot of Marlboro Point, a place I still haven’t reached. I especially like the soft subdued colors of the sky. A winner for me!

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    I haven’t seen this image at Instagram, yet. This is probably one of the top three images that I have seen coming from you! Astounding beauty, Bill!

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    Enjoyed your presentation of Badwater, especially the pre-dawn color of the salt. Makes me want to make it out to Badwater very early next time I visit DV.

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    Love the last paragraph, sums it up perfectly. True also, the camera is just a computer now, but the skill of the operator, both in camera and post, make all the difference. I, personally, will take an image anywhere I want, but like Matisse, I never forget the viewer, and seek to create a story with beauty & grace. I am, of course, aware of the ugliness that exists in the world, but it only inspires me to show the beauty that exists here on this miraculous planet all the more.

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    My challenge is to go many of these places and come up with a completely different look. Some of us have major physical limitations, so climbing 4000 ft ridge lines, or hiking 20 miles in is no longer an option. I do plan to get a high end fat EBike to haul my gear and work at finding such spots. With a new hip and fresh batteries, I hope to be ready to go this coming spring!

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    John Graham Curry on

    DERWENT RESERVOIR, NOT ‘DERWENT WATER’’ which is in the Lake District!

    Sorry to be pedantic, but Geographical Accuracy is important.

    Otherwise quite a nice photo.

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    An interesting story, particularly about having a respirator in storage for what I assume are sandstorms in foreign deserts? In any case, I live on the East Coast and, except for a week-long trip to San Francisco/Yosemite/Big Sur about 35 years ago, I’ve never visited the West Coast. So I have no idea where the landscapes shown in this story were taken. All at the same location? Please inform me.

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      Most of the pictures in my story were taken in the State of Nevada. One of the images was taken in southern Utah. However, all of the images, as mentioned, were taken in remote or extremely remote areas of the southwestern USA. The reason that most were taken in Nevada is because the nonprofit organizations for whom I was working needed images from that state, primarily.

      Commenting briefly: The cover image is from a geologically young volcanic field in central Nevada. The hoodoo is from Grand Staircase Escalante N.M., Utah. The Joshua Tree snow is not from the national park, which is in California, but from similar lands in southern Nevada. The images of a small and large lake are from remote central and northern Nevada areas. The red rocks are from southern Nevada which has the same sandstones as nearby southern Utah.

      I hope you will have a chance to visit this area sometime. Chip Carroon

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    Thank you Ray, appreciate you taking time to comment and your kind words! They don’t call it the Snowy Range for nothing!

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    This is a great image! It has all the elements one associates with fall in the North American wilderness. I must confess that even after 15 years of landscape photography, I hadn’t heard of nor seen images of this magnificent location. Thanks for presenting it. A winner for sure.

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      Thank you Laura!! If one day you’d like to discover Siberia, you’re very welcome! You can contact me on IG: @ellebedeva_

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    Michael H Thomas on

    Thank you, R Michael. I have been fascinated by VoF since I first saw images of it by Tim Harris a dozen or so years ago. mike.

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      Sorry, that was Tim Fitzharris. Several of his books feature Valley of Fire. The cover of Big Sky : Wild West Panorama is a great example.

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    Didn’t succeed loading the “free magazine”, logged in several times, keeps turning round between pages!

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      Theo Vinck: please use the contact form on the website instead of leaving a comment as the comment does not make sense. Please contact us and explain in detail what the problem is.

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    Beautiful Photo of the Three Peaks – I especially love the perspective of the cool shade in the tunnel looking out to the warm sunny peaceful view.

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      That’s right, the inside of the tunnels is a good place to cool off on hot summer days. Now these places are covered by the first snow of the season.

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    Lovely Fiona, Daniel my grandson must take after you, he has a good eye for a photograph, taking his time to get it just right.

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      Thanks Fay. Daniel should enter the competition. There is a different assignment every month. x

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    There is something wrong with this article by Tiffany Briley. There is no way to see beyond the first few paragraphs, even after you log into the web site.

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      Hi Richard
      That is correct. You need to download issue 69 of the magazine to read the entire article. The piece on the website is a preview of the interview.

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    Kolette Grobler on

    I also love photography, as a hobby. This includes landscape photography. I love it for the same reasons as you mention above in your article. But also as part of my “memory” bank. One tends to forget the details of all those special moments out in nature, but my image collection that I took over the years, helps to bring back the details of those moments, helps me to relive it, and to share the stories behind the images with others. I figured, one day when I am too old to venture outside in nature, camera in hand, I will still have my image collection (and the memories along with it).

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    Not so sure about this advertise for free? I wrote an email to the company and got a prompt reply. How can we not take advantage of it? sure we will.

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    Dear staff

    I tried resetting my password but keep getting ERROR: something went wrong with that!

    Please can you help?

    Kind regards

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    As you know, processing is also important to the “final” image and (for better or worse) is often what seperates better pictures/photographers from those w/out this skill set.

    As you say, current cameras/lenses have removed most of the learning curve that was previously required to master the craft side….while Composition, Intent, Mother Nature, Light and a litte luck are still Kings for Landscape photographers. And just because a location has been photographed before does not mean being present & seeing/exploring the location for the first time yourself (e.g. Bryce Canyon) can’t be as impressive as anyone elses previous encounter/pictures.

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    Couldn’t agree more! My friend and family love my photographs, and while they say I could make money selling them, it’s not why I do it…(also, I’m really not as good as they think)

    I used to say I chose landscape photography over portraits because, a tree never asked me if it could see the picture afterwards, shoot another from higher up so it looked slimmer, take another because it’s leaves weren’t just right. I really chose landscape because I can get lost in it, and I can sometimes show the things God put right in front of us, but we overlook everyday. I’d rather shoot landscapes and make nothing, than a wedding and make hundreds.

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    Thanks for sharing your story, Tiffany. My latest endeavor is making multi-row panoramas, and I’m amazed at the file sizes and its implications for printing BIG. It’s new found excitement; the challenges of learning and improving one’s craft.

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    I am a creative person , I strive to leave manmade objects out of the picture , (cept ruins / relics of the past ) . I draw , sketch , draft (electro – mech engineering DRAFTING , + architectural history , + architectural design , sciences (zoology+ botanical) . I have shot weddings //people ask “is that digital” , Phtography has been a passion since 1968 ( kodak brownie/canon AE1/Minolta +bellows( 3bodies + 7 minolta lenses . NOW 6D, 7D(x2),A7r ++more long zoom + superzoom bridge cameras . With phones ; I feel people shoot their lives . “I shoot with quality and the purpose ( would I hang this on my wall ) ” .

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    I have subscribed to two photography magazines for twenty plus years. Having read two of the articles in the last newsletter I feel as though I have been reminded why I love photography. Learning to see in a unique way and having the courage to say “ Please look at what I can do.” has given me a boost to do what I believe will give me great satisfaction. Thank you and I will anticipate each new issue.

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    Hi Karren,
    To be honest, the branch isn’t an issue for me and you are the first person to mention it. With an image like this, I find it far more important to capture the mood you feel at the time of capturing, and sometimes it’s not always so important to get the technical shot as can often lead to a lifeless shot with no character. So no the branch doesn’t feel like an uh-oh to me, it’s simply part of a scene from a series of images from this particular woodland. Each image has a similar feel and also has the odd technical issue, but I can assure you they don’t lack atmosphere and they have been a great success for me.

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    I enjoyed your article and may look into the Zeiss 24-70. That one size(among others) is missing from my line up of landscape lenses. It is one I have thought of purchasing from Canon. I have the Tamron 150-600 and find it works well. I purchased the 1.4x and recommend it as well.

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    Good article and good advice. I’ve been a published photographer and writer for over 40 years, and the above advice has been true for all of that time.

    Have Fun,

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    Thank you for this interview! I met Bill when I took a bunch of the GAPW workshops back in the 90s. He is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met in photography and what a great teacher and inspiration! What great memories I have from those workshops! Thank you Bill for all the great images and memories! I hope you are doing well!

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    For some reason the slideshow doesn’t work on a macOS High Sierra, not with Safari 12, nor with Google Chrome 70, nor with Firefox Quantum 63.
    The same issue with iOS.
    Best regards,

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    Really interesting interview.

    I’ve just switched from a Canon 5D Mkiii and L series lenses to a Fujifilm X-T3 – the former were just too heavy now. The financial hit was painful but I do not regret switching, I love my X-T3.

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    Gorgeous images and excellent, inspirational article, Ken! As a Fujifilm X-System landscape and product photographer, I have a keen appreciation for your fine work.
    Thank you sir! Regards, Steve

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    David Stefan on

    I was thrilled to be the lucky winner of the William Neill retrospective book. I’ve loved his work for years, and the book is stunning. Thank you — I guess I can’t keep saying I never win anything!

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      Hello Thea
      If your submission went through, then you should have ended on the confirmation page after you clicked the submit button. Did you?

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      Thea Martin on

      I just resubmitted, if it submitted twice for the same image, can you please delete the first submission? I plan to submit a few more. Thank you!

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    Dennis De Martin on

    Hi LPM Team, Is it possible to take part with only one entry or is it allowed to enter two or more pictures?

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    Thank you. This may be very useful in the near future. My PC is frustratingly slow. It has everything most home computers have on it. I’d like to get a Mac that I can dedicate to only photography.

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    I am very happy to receiving the GREATEST LANDSCAPES book today! Its amazing! I am so much appreciated to Landscape Photography Magazine! I love you and wish you all the best!

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    Just received the book today, absolutely delighted, just settling down for a good read which will then have me champing at the bit to head to the Highlands again.

    Thanks again

    Douglas Ritchie, Scotland

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    Dear LMP Team,

    A brief note to inform you that the free book ‘Chasing Light’ has arrived.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

    Jorge Pereira

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    I’ve got this somewhere in the depths of one of my hardrives, and have to say its an excellent book. I’m sure I was recommended this by you, aswell.

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    I went to Amazon because I am a prime member and could not find the series Gone Shootin. I am very interested in watching it! Has it not been released yet? If not when will it be available?

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    I would like to give my brother a gift certificate towards one of your packaged seminars. How can I arrange this?
    Thank you
    Amy Karz

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    James McMillin on

    I am not really a Landscape Artist, but do appreciate any and all inspiration, knowledge, and skills. I am self taught, and pick up on all sorts of published articles. Looking to move up to better equipment (Wide Angle Lens) in the near future. Best wishes over the Holidays. Sincerely James.

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    Just to let you know that I received the ‘Mastering Black & White Photography’ book today. Seems like a very good book, looking forward to reading it.

    Many Thanks again

    Hugh Rooney

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    Cool read,I’m a newbie to photography but already producing some cool not afraid to take on the world with my images.then if it’s about art then it’s about images.i have nothing against people who can photoshop their way to an image. Me I just like capturing unique content with my work an where it’s going but I also like to eat lol.

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    Delighted to receive this free book. Like many other landscape photographers, Ansel Adams is a hero and to receive a book of the largest collection of his photographs ever published is something special. Thank you!

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    Bruce Stenman on

    In terms of safety it is important to understand that waves come in different sets so a very large sneaker wave may be the 5th wave in the 3rd set of waves. Important to know this when the surf is going so as to not get swept out to sea, or at the very least not to have your equipment drenched in salt water.

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    Thank you for the informative article. Can you suggest a few good books on landscape photography, possibly those which treat the subject in good depth.

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    Also, some lenses were made to be sold in the US, and others were made to be sold elsewhere in the world. Some factory authorized service centers in the U.S. are forbidden from repairing any lens which was not intended for sale within the U.S. That means you have to ship your lens overseas for service, with wait times in the months. So check with the buyer.

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    Another piece about monochrome which is nice to see. It’s often the case when interest wanes in a particular area that promoters look for a change to reignite enthusiasm.
    It’s happened before in relation to the use of colour in social photography. After the many years when there was only monochrome the introduction of reliable colour printing gave a commercial boost to the market. Twenty five years on with the market stabilised a change was required and people who had only known colour were introduced to ‘Silvertones’, Black and white by another name.

    Black and white never went away it was only resting. Monochromatic images are often the most successful even in colour.

    Before colour was available flowers were still a favourite subject. With relatively slow materials flowers did not move much allowing a leisurely approach.
    Not being able to show any colour viewpoint, lighting and creative camera work was necessary. When using a chromatic film, colour filters could be used to control tonal values. Digital conversion from colour can now be controlled in a similar way in monochrome pallets.

    There are excellent examples in the work of Robert Mapplethorpe.

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    It’s all good advice and it’s all true. As a well retired professional from a different era it appears that little has changed. Similar advice was around before the 1960s.
    Even then many part time photographers dreamed of becoming professional, only a few were prepared to do the necessary work.
    Now taking photographs and distributing them is easier than ever which makes more people think how nice it would be to swan around the world with a camera. Dream on just as they did then..

    Sadly for many photography is now so easy it has little value especially monetarily. There was always a problem among practitioner about how much a photograph was worth. As the article suggests pretty pictures are legion and being able to create a silk purse from a sows ear may be worth paying for. Transforming a dull subject into art is a skill that takes time to learn, and teaching how can be more lucrative than trying to do it. I know as I have done both.

    Take care with education especially self education as this can take longer and lead you up many blind alleys. A more formal course based on proven principles can save much time and help you decide where to go next. It is not always the case that one who is considered a ‘good’ photographer will be the best instructor as teaching is a skill in itself.

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    Hi, I just read your article. There are a lot of beautiful places in my country! Another highly recommended place in our Patagonia Argentina is the city of Puerto Madryn, from which start different tours to admire the great diversity of marine wildlife that lives there.

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    What’s the point of reviewing this app, when it’s only available for apple addicts. What about other people who do not necessarily support apple?

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      We do not review an app based on the platform it is released on, apple or android. We review the app. It could have been the other way round.

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    Marc you are an inspiration to all us amateur photographers with your vision and imagination. Please keep going and thank you for letting us into a small part of your world.

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    Jack Larson on

    Thank you for this. When it comes to art, I think that it needs to stand on its own two feet. I don’t see the inherent demand for it to serve anything beyond itself. Having said that, I am a person with fundamental values that transcend my art. And for me, they are clearly more important than my art. My goal in life is to embody kindness and compassion. I seek to have everything that I am and everything that I do to flow out of that. Thus, I personally seek to use my art in the service of kindness and compassion. For example, a few years ago, I had a friend (although not a close friend) who was dying of cancer. I asked for his permission to every day send him a photograph that I hoped would bring beauty and joy, and hopefully, some dimension of healing to his life. I learned from his closest friend that doing this accomplished just what I hoped that it would. Does art have the prerogative of demanding this kind of behavior. My answer would be, No. But does who I am when I am the best of who I am demand it, Absolutely.

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    Thank you so much for posting this. I honestly thought my session from today was completely gone!! So relieved when I saw the photos!!

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    rykervorton on

    While this article is nice, it is only the tip of the iceeberg and what is really important, and it concrns me just like it concers the author when people does landscape shots at f/22 (which is not a problem when your min f is 45 btw) is that the article is lacking of any example image of the effects of diffraction.

    How can someone who didn’t knew anything about diffractionn properly identify it’s issues without any kind of visual reference?

    I remember when i was studying optics and how difficult was to transport the abstract theory to the practical application, same goes here, those who first meet diffraction through this article have no visual references to identify it, not even an accurate description of what to look for.

    • Avatar

      Here is a quick answer. If your lens allows you to use aperture f/45 (I assume you are talking about full frame and not large format), then take a picture at f/5.6 and the same picture at f/45. Now zoom in 100% at the point where you have focused and you will see exactly what diffraction does, the f/45 picture will be a lot less sharp than the f/5.6 one.

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    Antone Davis on

    Recently I had utilized Remo Recover application to restore video, documents, audio from corrupted SD card. Try once … cost worthy software…

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    Thanks for this article, it may be just what I was looking for and I have a question.

    I have just bought a Mac Book Air and want to copy my LR catalogue so that I can use both machines and hopefully have them up date on the Cloud. So would this system copy them over rather than take them all off the PC?

    And will the master files (ie the original file) remain on my PC?


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      Hi Janette

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately, we haven’t tested what you are asking, you will need to research it.

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    Daryl-Hunter on

    If you are planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies fill your iPad with Darwin Wigget’s photography guides. I had one heck of a good portfolio filling 6 days there because I know just where to go because of Darwin’s help.

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    Great article, and it’s “all Kevin” – the “Real McNeal”! He is a terrific photographer and a great workshop leader. Of the 3 workshops I’ve attended, I learned more in his workshop than in any of the others by far. Kevin will stretch the boundaries of your photography. Good to see another of his articles!

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    sanjoyadak on

    Fantastic article, tells all about, One important things I would like to high light here, please check batteries, lenses condition and memory card (for DSLR), I personally missed some good shoot by running out of memory and low Batt.

    Thanks again for this valuable article.

    Sanjoy Adak

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    Glaciers are an extraordinary natural phenomenon but they can also be an extremely perilous hazard as well. I don’t imagine I’ll be taking photos of glaciers anytime soon, no matter how beautiful and captivating they are. I’d rather leave that job to the truly brave. 🙂

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    Terry Urban on

    Very interesting article. It really give me a lot to think about. With my own work I see this between me and my wife as far as what shots I take and like and what shots I take that my wife likes better. I did not see this till reading the article. I have not shown any of my work in a gallery I have only been doing photography for just over a year.

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    I really appreciate the detail in this article. I strive to keep a packed gear bag ready and accessible at all times but I’m not good yet at putting my hands on it while a photo op is unfolding in front of me — I need to work on this! Mine has most of what you stated, but also: a remote control, lip balm, sunscreen, bug spray, a few dollars (you never know when you’ll hit a fee-based park and you’ve only got plastic in your wallet). On I read about (and created) an emergency kit from an old Altoids tin that has a memory card, a stubby pencil, a clean lens cloth, a few dollars and a couple post-it notes. You just never know!!

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    This is written by a man after my own heart. Preparation and awareness is essential for continuous fine photography. It is as Adams said part of the making of a photograph and not just the taking.
    It applies to landscape as the article illustrates but also to all other areas of photography.
    The check list as it were was interesting but for me apart from the addition of a torch, one thing was missing and that was an exposure meter, hopefully one that can read incident light.
    While appreciating the many modern digital applications I sometimes wonder how I managed with a magnetic compass, an analogue watch, a selection of OS maps and the occasional use of tide tables. Smile.

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    fsaliFazimoon Samad on

    I enjoyed this article very much, beautiful photographys, hope he got back the woman he loved.

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    lauren panoy on

    Here’s what the program says : “1586 files saved in testdisk-6.14-WIP/recup_dir directory.” Where can I find that folder please.

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    keisarinvaimo on

    You are the best!! It’s totally working and It was going to kill my happy mood because my photos and videos were lost from my camera memory card, which I took in the very same day (today). Thanks a lot!

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    Fantastic! Using PC now but will purchase a Mac next year and wasn’t sure if data could be transferred to the new system. Thanks

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    I have the same problem mentioned above, So i used your software but my memory card only showing 1024 MB while it is 8 GB(Transcend). So what can i do to retrieve my datas. I have to change any setup from Bios. Plz tell me i have data worth of 9 months in it.


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      As we have already said before, we can’t help you any further than this tutorial. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m afraid you might have to continue your research.

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    I tried my best by your process, but it can not backup the data from my 4GB Memory Card.
    The recovery backup data folder shows nothing. What can I do ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Navin

      The help we can provide can be seen in the post above. Besides our findings and the detailed procedure here, there is no more help we can offer. If this procedure does not work for you, we have no idea what else you can do.

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    Excellent post. Manage to restore all my photos as the file system for the SD card is completely corrupted.

    Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Paul

    I have nothing against Scotland either, apart from weather and midges as you said.

    However, there is a big difference between spending a week sailing in Greece and spending 6 months per year, working under a hot sun.

    Greece is superb for holidays but, would it be superb living and working there?


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    Paul Richards on

    Having just come back from sailing in the Greek islands south of Athens I cannot understand why anyone would want swap Greece for Scotland
    PS I have nothing against Scotland apart from the weather and midges

    Perhaps Dimitri prefers unpredictable weather to warm sunshine and ever ending blue sky's.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dimitri
      I lived in Athens for 6 months teaching water skiing, made friends for life. I have worked in Scotland on the Ski Slopes teaching mountain safety and First Aid with BASP. Fondest memories Greece.
      PS Spent 15 years in the French Alps working as a Instructor, sky patroller and ski Guide, using video cameras to let clients see how they skied But always kept a stills camera with me and still do

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    Hello ,
    I cant read my memory card in my computer . I have very important things in tht . PLz help me out . This software is not working

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    I opened the program, but my SD card which is under the F disk doesn't show up, neither does the name of my SD card or anything that points to it. . . . HELP !

    • Avatar

      My apologies but this article was submitted by one of our readers in order to help others. You will need to reed the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter. If you are not confident enough to proceed, I would suggest to get someone else to help. It is impossible for us to know what is going on in your PC.

      I understand this is not the answer you were expecting but it is the only one I can give you. I believe you need to be slightly advanced with computers to follow the article. I am a mac user myself and haven’t used this little program, hopefully someone else might be able to help you.

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    I. trying this and it gives me a msg that I should deactivate my antivirus because it's blocking the application, should I do that? it seems kinda fishy to me. I'm having a similar issue where my memory stick is being read by my laptop however when I try to see the files I can't but if I check them from my camera the files are all there. What should I do? 🙁

    • Avatar

      Hello Patty

      No one can tell you what you should do, you need to make this decision yourself. If this helps, I believe that your antivirus system thinks the software is not legitimate, however, many people have tried it and it works fine. Going ahead with this will be your own choice.

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    THANK YOU so much for posting this! I just had an experience with a corrupt card (it was recalled by the manufacturer for this problem) and this worked for me. I tried a different site from first and that did not work. This however did. I am soooo grateful, it recovered about 2500 lost pics and videos. i will definitely be making a contribution to their website.
    Thanks again for the posting!

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    Bill Pottinger on

    Thanks for bringing me another "Aha" moment as I piece together my understanding of photography. My main interest is underwater photography, but your explanation of diffraction touches all specialties. Thank you again.

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    AphoticSketch on

    I have only just learnt about diffraction today, and I'm glad I have. There are a lot of things to take in when starting out with photography.

    I have a burning desire to take landscape photos, and at the moment my equipment consists of a Canon 550D and a Canon NiftyFifty. I'm planning to buy a Tokina 11-16 UWA so I can get more serious about landscape photography.

    I'm one of those people who just naturally assumed f/22 would be the best – irrespective. I took some photos of a sunset last night and was quite disappointed with the results, and I think if I had taken this into account then the results may have vastly improved.

    I know what I'm going to be doing tonight haha.

    Thanks for this valuable information!


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    A good, informative article. I would add that before going out on a shoot, make sure to charge your batteries, clean your lenses/sensors.

    Also, you "Cockin filters" Should be "Cokin filters"

    Thanks for the article

    Steve Wright

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    Andy Keeler on

    Invaluable advice Dimitri, and not something that beginners are often aware of. I have some otherwise great shots of a cliffscape that I drove for hours to reach, at low tide, in the perfect evening glow, beautifully composed and exposed, but unfortunately they are soft as an overipe banana because in my ignorance I set my Nikon D200 to f22! ..I've never made the same mistake again.

    Whilst the plethora of slideshows and video clips LPM chuck at us are OK I suppose, it's simple, pratical tips and techniques like this, that are what a lot of us most appreciate I think.

    Keep up the good work!


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    Nice one. Added for future reference.

    I did something similar a few years ago – told linux to erase as it offloaded, which it misinterpreted as `erase and then fail to offload then sit and gibber for a while. In my case, I found (also open-source) which rescued the JPEGs – luckily I'd been shooting both RAW+JPEG – and one of them is now a portfolio image of mine!

    Incidentally, it should be pointed out how this fits in a maximum-safety workflow:
    a) every session starts by formatting the card, in camera
    b) you offload, backup, process, backup some more
    c) all the while you're processing, the card has the raw images
    d) goto A.