Joke de Jager

I am a professional fine art photographer specialising in unique, expressive landscapes. My fine art prints often combine dramatic photography, vibrant colours and artistic accents, and minimalist serenity and tranquillity of sand and sea to create new, captivating visions of the natural world. My goal is to create an image that evokes emotion in the viewer.
I grew up in the Netherlands and commenced my creative career as a purchaser for interior design at the department store Magazine ‘The Bijenkorf’, after which I decided to shift my focus onto Garden and Landscape Architecture, specialising in Green Spaces Heritage.
During my studies, I discovered my passion for highlighting the colour riches of shades of greens, blues and whites. So I decided to complete my education with a brief follow-up study at the renowned Amsterdam Photography Academy.
My love for sea, sand and greens is identifiable in my photographic art,
in which experts say that I continue to surprise with detailed images and a unique blending of natural colours.

My Camera Gear

Canon 5D Mk IV
Hasselblad X1D



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