Lawrence Worster

I am a retired senior field audio engineer from NBC’s television network. I have an intense love of nature which, starting in 1972, led me to landscape photography. I borrowed my father’s Minolta camera for a couple of months and quickly fell in love with photography. I gave him back his Minolta and bought my first camera; a Nikon F2. I began taking my camera with me when I traveled to work on televised events. One of the events I worked on was on the Oregon Trail, a perfect place for landscape photography. I built my first darkroom and started capturing black and white images. I loved the process of shooting the images, taking them to the darkroom, developing the film and printing what I had captured. This was very satisfying for me. I kept at that film-based process for many years until transferring to the new world of digital photography. My previous career in audio technology required computer skills which helped me when I moved to digital photography, but I will always miss the darkroom. My first quality digital camera was a Nikon D7000. I went with Nikon because of my years of positive experience with Nikon film cameras and lenses. I have since moved over to Sony’s photographic equipment. I use a Sony A7r II camera with an assortment of Sony GM, Canon and Zeiss lenses. I use RRS tripods and their other equipment along with Singh-Ray and Promaster filters.