A Guide to: Impressionist Photography

"Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming are two of the best photographers in the world today who practice an impressionist style of photography. On the next few pages they share with us their technique, tips and advice"

It’s time to put away the tripod for a while as we dip our toes into some impressionist photography techniques. Whether you fancy branching out with your portfolio or simply feel stuck in a rut with your imagery, giving these ideas a try could be just what you are looking for. Although it might seem as though some serious rule breaking is in order to create images like these, with the exception of laying aside your three legged friend it’s business as usual with the composition, light and exposure elements, albeit with a little more flexibility than...

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Based in the Galloway Hills in rural southwest Scotland, photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have been working collaboratively for six years capturing the beauty of the natural world in their striking and evocative photographic images.


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    The whole article can be found inside issue 18 of Landscape Photography Magazine, which has been archived as issue 19 is currently out. You will need to be a registered member with a Platinum account to access issue 18.

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    I just joined Landscape Photography magazine. I would like to read this article, but it keeps coming up that I need to join to read it. How can I access it? Thank you.

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