Issue 79 • September 2017

Dimitri-VasileiouNew Design • New Ideas

With summer holidays coming to an end and schools re-opening for the new term, joy returns to landscape photographers’ faces. It is, after all, the beginning of a new season for all of us, a season with iconic and beautiful locations now comparatively devoid of people.

The sun will soon stay low on the horizon allowing for more golden light to be captured. Sunrise shootings will take place at more humane hours of the day and, finally, we’ll be able to catch up with some sleep that summer time deprives us off.

So, to kick-start this new season, we decided to make some changes to the website. Now you can enjoy large, full-width images spread across a new and wider page display. The navigation system has had a makeover too, so it’s now even easier to find what you are looking for – and all sections of the website can now be found in the navigation bar.

We have also now added extra information in your profile page, where you can now see your membership’s level and expiry date (or next due payment date for ongoing memberships). You can also view the magazine issues you have downloaded, purchase a gift voucher, or contact us.

Why not take a look around and let us know what you think? We hope you enjoy it.

Dimitri Vasileiou, Editor of LPM

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Visual Mantra

Do you want your landscape images to evoke a sense of mystery? Do you want them to suggest rather than state? Read on to Karl Holtby’s exquisite advice.

Human Obstacles

How do you cope with the unwanted appearance of people in your landscapes? Andy Brown offers some techniques and advice on how to deal with your fellow humans

Fujifilm GFX Review

Now that Fuji is offering a medium format version of its mirrorless camera, is it time to make the switch? Mark Bauer has put the Fujifilm GFX through its paces and lists the pros and cons of the system

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Taking Nightscapes to the Next Level

As night sky photography becomes increasingly ubiquitous, so will these accessories and concepts. Bryan Cogdell explains why devices such as Star Adventurer can take your nightscapes to the next level.

The Power of Tilt and Shift

Do you dream of achieving the ultimate depth of field that masters such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston displayed in their images? Paul Gallagher explains the outstanding qualities of tilt lenses.

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Inspirational Destinations: Monument Valley

As photographers, we come across many areas that touch our hearts. For Ken Sklute, Monument Valley in Arizona is one of those places that every landscape photographer should visit at least once.

The Craft of Planning a Trip

The first step to a successful photography trip is in its planning. In this article, Nicolas Alexander Otto some advice on the best ways to go about planning your next expedition

Triptychs II

In the second part in his series on Triptychs, Alain Briot offers a few examples of the power of three images combined as a triptych in landscape and fine art photography

Matured Creativity

Do photographers continue to develop as artists as they age? David Hay argues that we should continue to challenge ourselves creatively throughout our lives in order to continue producing great pictures

Creative Gestation

Have you ever faced ‘artist’s block’? Most photographers do at some point and it can be very frustrating, but Rafael Rojas suggests that you embrace it as a period of gestation from which new ideas can emerge