Issue 77 • July 2017

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Planning for Astrophotography

The weather seems promising and you look forward to your next nightscape shoot. However, have you thought of all the things you need to prepare for it?

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Inspirational Destinations: Oregon

Columbia River Gorge, Ruckel Creek Falls and Multnomah Falls. These are some of Oregon’s inspirational hotspots that keep photographers going back time and again. Brian Matiash explains why

The Importance of Revision

Revisiting a previous location might seem a waste of time, but Nicolas Alexander Otto argues that it allows you to track your progression as a photographer, but also to capture previously unseen details

The Seven Trees Project

The Seven Trees Project

For the last 2 years, Rob Fraser has been heading out in all conditions to document the life of seven specific trees. Here he tells us all about this fascinating project

Taking a Risk

Have you ever been so determined to take a specific picture that you have missed out on other potential photographs? Josh Miller encourages you to look around and take a risk

Clear As Glass

Clear As Glass

Do you maintain and clean up your photographic equipment regularly? How do you clean your lenses? Andy Brown offers some valuable advice for keeping your lenses spotless

In Conversation… Joshua Cripps

Tiffany Reed Briley talks to nature photographer Joshua Cripps about a variety of subjects, including how he turned pro, working as a photographer, and the direction of the industry. Along the way he offers some great excellent advice on how to improve your photography

Solo vs Group Photography

Excelling as a landscape photographer involves being comfortable with working with others and also alone. Trevor Anderson shares his account of the differences of each state

Capture the Mood

As a photographer, you probably think about the ‘mood’ of your photographs a lot, but what exactly is it? Ian Plant has all the answers as well as some suggestions

The Big Switch

Switching your equipment can be a major step. If you have become used to a specific brand, changing to another can take a lot of thought. Mark Bauer recently made the switch and describes his experiences

Photography Makes You Happier

Why do you take photographs? To capture individual moments or to create art? Whatever your motivations, David Hay proves that photographers are happier people

Abstraction VI

In this latest article on his series on abstraction, Alain Briot delves through his collection to offer us a wide selection of examples of black and white abstract images, and advice on how to master the technique

The Development of Taste

Being open to a variety of influences allows you to encounter new things you might not have otherwise. Alister Benn suggests allowing yourself to be surprised can be a boon to the creativity of your photography too

Choosing Your Path

Are you still searching for your personal vision? The thing that sets you apart from other photographers? Rafael Rojas suggests you shouldn’t. Keep reading to find out why