Issue 66 • Aug 2016

Issue 66 August 2016 of Landscape Photography Magazine

Dimitri-VasileiouFeeling the heat?

Suddenly August is here already. It seems like only yesterday that I was looking forward to summer and now it is almost at an end, the nights are visibly starting to draw in.
Many of you have already returned from your summer vacation and many more are just about to start. If you still have your summer vacation to look forward to, I wish you an enjoyable, relaxing time and hope that the latest issue of LPM keeps you company and continues to inspire you on your travels.

Here’s some of what we have for you this month:
Why do we shoot landscapes? For professional landscape photographers, taking pictures is a business, but in this article, inspired by a member question on the LPM Forum, I take a moment to reflect on the more primal reasons that I love landscape photography. This article is free to read and I look forward to hearing your own views. You can also participate in the conversation here.

A photograph is not always just a moment captured; sometimes it can express much, much more. In his Field Diaries article this month, Erez Marom describes how he captured an image that tells a tragic story.

In an effort to find a new untouched location, Ian Plant headed to the most remote location he could find: a volcano in a conflict zone. But, once there, he still found other photographers, so he had to get creative.

Until next month, be well, stay inspired and read issue 65 from cover to cover.

Dimitri Vasileiou, Editor of LPM


The Brenizer Method

The Brenizer method can create some stunning images. Kirk Norbury describes how you can use it to great effect for landscape photography.

Gear Choice By Landscape Photographer Karen Hutton

Gear Choice

What is the best gear? Why are we so quick to pursue brands instead of the gear we need? Karen Hutton explains all about gear choice.

Why-Do-We-Shoot-Landscapes- Free Post

Why Do We Shoot Landscapes?

For professional landscape photographers, taking pictures is a business, but in this article Dimitri Vasileiou takes a moment to reflect on the more primal reasons he loves landscape photography


Photographing Uttakleiv Beach

Landscape photographer David Hay shares his experiences of a photography excursion to the stunning Uttakleiv Beach in Norway’s Lofoten Islands.


The Need To Produce Images

Rafael Rojas argues that enjoyment of the experience of taking pictures should take precedence over the need to produce images.


Photographing Rhododendron

Trevor Anderson shares his advice and experiences of photographing these beautiful Rhododendron plants in locations across the USA.

Plitvice Lakes

Photographing Plitvice Lakes

Sue Bishop and Beata Moore find an abundance of fauna and flora to photograph around Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Book Review: Lessons in Landscape by Peter Watson

Book Review: Lessons in Landscape

Peter Watson is a well-known landscape photographer with a number of books to his name. His latest offering presents his landscape photography in a new way.

Interview With Marc Muench Free Post

Interview With Marc Muench

Interview with landscape and outdoor photographer Marc Muench from USA. Interview by Tiffany Briley, sponsored by Really Right Stuff.


Transient Landscape

A photographer quickly learns to appreciate the seasonal variances and lighting conditions and how they create a transient landscape picture.


In conversation… Rachael Talibart

For 14 years Rachael Talibart worked as a solicitor in the City of London, but the fact that she spent her first pay check on her first SLR was surely an…


On Filters

Many photographers prefer to perform fine-tuning with post-processing tools. Mark Bauer makes the case for neutral density graduated filters.