Issue 48 • Feb 2015

Dimitri-VasileiouRunning a photographic workshop successfully is no mean feat. It takes skill, patience, diplomacy but above all, endless amounts of energy. Take out one of these ingredients and you can have a recipe for disaster.

This is exactly what happened to me last month in Venice when I was hit by a nasty dose of the flu which left me stuck in a hotel room for four days. Thankfully, for me and my clients, my good friend and second tutor Mike Bell kindly stepped in and took over the running of the workshop single-handedly. Cheers Mike, you saved the day!

Now having safely arrived back in Scotland, and with the snow storms hitting outside, it’s time to get to work putting the finishing touches to our February issue.

Once again we have over 230 packed pages for you including:

With most photographers now having their own websites, how can you stay ahead of the rest and showcase your images? If you are thinking of having your own photographic exhibition, Richard Burton shares his valuable advice on what to consider and how to get yourself noticed. At the other end of the scale, gallery owner Jon Gibbs gives us his insight into how to run your own successful gallery.

Terrascape are a fairly new company to the photographic arena and their filter bags recently caught our eye so we put them to the test. Find out if they lived up to our expectations.

Also in this issue, we were thrilled to talk exclusively with top mountain landscape photographer, Alex Nail, about his passion for high-altitude adventure, the art of wild camping and what it takes to get these incredible images.

Finally, we bring you the best images from the Neutral Density Photography Awards. So, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy Issue 48 of LPM.

Dimitri Vasileiou

A photographers vision-traning-like-an-athlete

Training Like an Athlete

In the same way as athletes train every day, says Rafael Rojas, it is important that we photographers include the practice of photography in our daily life


Photographing The Coast of Pemaquid

The magnificent coastline of Pemaquid in Maine is close to the heart of Harvey Spears and many other landscape photographers. Here he explains why


More Than Just Believing

Embrace your way of life and stand up for what you believe in. Believing in yourself is more than an important trait: it’s part of what makes an artist


What We Don’t See

Dimitri Vasileiou discusses all the benefits and the things he really enjoys about working as a professional landscape photographer


Green Mountain

A dramatic sunset marked Trevor Anderson’s return to Green Mountain in Washington State, for a hike that was eleven years in the making. He shares his story


Playing in the Woods

From time to time we should go out and ‘play’ with our camera, it’s one of the huge benefits of digital landscape photography, says Cheryl Hamer


A mentor is a guide, someone who can show photographers the path to follow to be who we want to be and do what we want to do. Alain Briot has the story


The Art of Landscape Photography

Has ‘The Art of Landscape Photography’ succeeded in producing a new angle on this very familiar subject? David Hay has the review


Avoiding Unintentional Distortion

Maintaining visual fidelity between what you see and what your camera captures is tricky, but our eye is capable of negating oddities caused by perspective


Creating Photographic Icons

Start pursuing your own artistic vision instead of chasing photographic icons made famous by others – you might discover the icons of the future!

So, You Just Got The Shot?

You rushed to the iconic spot and you took the same picture as everyone else. So, you got the shot but what about the real photography satisfaction?


Gear Test: Terrascape Filter Bags

Mike Bell reviews a set of three different Filter Holder bags by Terrascape. Our question is, are they exactly what landscape photographers need?


Broadchurch Beach

Keith Wilson recalls a beautiful stretch of coast long popular with landscape photographers, but now better known as the setting of a fictitious murder


Gallery Life

Are you thinking of opening your own picture gallery? Gallery owner Jon Gibbs shares some helpful insights for landscape photographers


Shutter Speed and Water Movement

Water can exist as a solid, liquid or a vapour. As photographers we can represent all the different properties of water by careful choice of shutter speeds


Photo Exhibition

Are you thinking of having your first landscape photography exhibition? Richard Burdon shares advice on showcasing your images and what costs to expect


The 2015 Wish List

Landscape photographer, Mark Bauer, looks back at some of last year’s new camera releases and shares his ‘wish list’ for 2015


In Conversation… Alex Nail

Alex Nail, one of the top mountain landscape photographers, talks to Landscape Photography Magazine about his passion for high altitude adventures