Issue 46 • Dec 2014


I am running two photo workshops in November, a weekend in Glencoe on general photo tuition and one in the Lake District in England – the latter workshop is specifically about tilt and shift lenses. At the time of writing this, the Glencoe one is over.

I joined the Glencoe group on Saturday morning on the 8th of November. The weather forecast for the following day was promising but again, I have heard this many times before. Indeed, the forecast was correct, we had clear blue sky, heavy frost and a little bonus, mist. We headed off for the day’s first challenge, a beautiful sunrise – Rannoch Moor and Loch Ba was our destination. Upon our arrival we were awestruck with the beauty of the location under sunrise colours and mist hovering over the loch. We walked a little towards the designated spot and as I started to explain a few things before the photo shoot, we noticed a young red deer stag in the distance. It was stood there and was keeping an eye on us – he stayed there for more than 10 minutes. This gave everyone the chance to set up their gear and capture this magical moment – the young stag was the icing on the cake on this spectacular morning shoot.

On to this month’s issue though. I’d like to bring to your attention the changes in the magazine’s design. We took onboard the advice you sent us a little while back and we implemented the best parts in this new design. The main change is the new grid and the larger font – we hope you find reading the magazine on tablets much easier now. You will also notice some more changes here and there.

On to our featured articles now. ICM by Peter Cairns, Working the Landscape by Mark Hamblin and Location Planning by Mike Bell – you will find some extremely valuable information in all three articles, enjoy.

Finally, check out all our regular essays and the stunning picture contributions from our beloved members. Remember that everyone is welcome to contribute their images and portfolios, all you need to do is visit our submissions page for further details...

Enjoy Issue 46

Dimitri Vasileiou


Plan B

Sometimes we arrive at a location to discover that the photograph we originally planned is not possible. Always have a plan B up your sleeve, says David Hay


Night is Always Better

Every landscape photographer today should have a night repertoire to complement their daylight pictures, says Erez Marom


Location Planning

A successful landscape photography shoot requires planning, preparation and meticulous technique. Mike Bell shares his knowledge on location planning


Personal Interpretation

A landscape photograph can represent a near-mirror image of what your eyes perceive but sometimes it should be a lot more than that. Andy Brown explains


Details & Digressions

In our super-saturated and super-sized world of photography, the hint and whisper can become more provocative than the punch and wow, says Deborah Hughes


Beyond Kit & Technique

In order to create fine art photographs, you must address the artistic aspects of photography as well as the technical ones. Alain Briot explains

Free Post

The Subtle Eye

It is sometimes said that the little things in life make all the difference. In this Internet age, awash with nature images that are bold, over-processed and …


Hierarchy of Needs

In photography, like many things, there is a series of steps that needs to be climbed before we can have a fair knowledge and reach fulfilment as artists


Book Review: Zero Footprint

Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have produced a whole book of photographs all taken from the same spot. Is it a success? David Hay has the review


When Sleeping Dogs Lie

Keith Wilson recalls a week sledging in East Greenland where a day’s journey depended on the strength and stamina of a team of huskies


Regain Your Creativity

To stand out as a pro photographer, one needs to be extremely creative. What happens when you run out of creativity though? Dennis Bromage has the words


Maximize Your Camera’s Settings

Using the right camera settings to get the image right at the capture stage will save you time and give you a sense of achievement when viewing your images

An Inconvenient Truth

Too many photographers prefer cover versions to original compositions and too many opt for the safe and easy path of making beautiful postcards rather than meaningful impressions


Rhoscolyn and Patience

Thorough research and patience are the two main ingredients that helped Cheryl Hamer to find the best vantage point and capture this lovely bay in Rhoscolyn


Unlearning the Learnt

Landscape photographers must learn, practice, gain experience and wisdom, then use all this knowledge and allow our vision to surface. Rafael Rojas explains


Loch Etive

Loch Etive used to be a very popular destination in Scotland with landscape photographers, but since the demolition of its wooden jetty, things have changed


Gear Test: Fuji X-T1

The X-T1 is the latest model from Fuji’s X series of cameras, but how good is it in comparison with its ancestors? We sent Mark Bark to Iceland to find out


ICM • Intentional Camera Movement

ICM involves creating abstract imagery by intentionally moving the camera during the exposure. In other words, deliberately blurring your images


Working The Landscape

Working a location is about returning at different times of the day, different seasons and under different weather conditions. Mark Hamblin has the story

Interview with Landscape and Outdoor Photographer Tom Till Free Post

In Conversation… Tom Till

Exclusive interview with landscape and outdoor photographer Tom Till, one of the photographers who brought Moab to people’s attention.