Issue 45 • Nov 2014


On October 2013 I visited two of the best locations in mainland Greece, Zagoria and Meteora. This was a recce for my upcoming photo workshop there. I will not bore you with explanations, you can run a web search if you are interested.

To the point. I hoped for some moody conditions but had none – typical warm, dry and sunny weather. This year I run the workshop as planned and I had a small group of seven people with me. However, this time round I was really lucky. We had some rain, mist and even snow on the high mountains, very unusual for this time of year but it can happen from time to time. The workshop was a great success. Keep an eye for some pictures on my website and for the repeat of this workshop in 2016.

Let’s move on to this month though. I wish to bring to your attention the controversial article on page 30, how far is too far in post processing? I know that some purists want to capture landscapes as nature intended them to be captured. However, have a look at Hani’s work and if you wish, you can leave your comment on the website.

Also, on page 82 you will find a guide to focusing and depth of field. Mike Bell has done his best to explain a few things about the subject, I hope you all find his article very useful.

On the Gear Test field, Mark Bauer reviews the Olympus E-M1, a higher-end model in the same range as the O-MD E-M5. This time Olympus seems to be aiming at the semi-pro and enthusiast market.

Finally, check out all our regular essays and the stunning picture contributions from our beloved members. Remember that everyone is welcome to contribute their images and portfolios, all you need to do is visit our website for further details...

Enjoy Issue 45

Dimitri Vasileiou


Shoot Wide

The most commonly used lens in a landscape photographer’s kit bag is probably the tried and tested wide angle; it’s a stalwart. Andy Brown explains why


Letting Go

How many times can you take a picture of a place or a landmark until it’s too much? Erez Marom discusses the personal decision for a photographer to let go


East of Edam

The Netherlands is not renowned for having a spectacular landscape but Keith Wilson finds inspiration in the subtle interplay of nature with human ingenuity


Book Review: Revelations

Wynn Bullock was regarded as one of the foremost West-Coast American photographers in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. David Hay reviews this new volume of his work


Gear Test: Olympus OM-D E-M1

Landscape photographer Mark Bauer trials the Olympus E-M1, a higher-end model in the same range as the O-MD E-M5, aimed at the semi-pro and enthusiast

Minding the Little Things

The creative approach I teach on my workshops consists of several phases, starting with a rough concept, through visualization, composition, capture and processing …


Belvedere Sunrise

Tuscany is a must-visit area for all landscape photographers. If you enjoy photographing clean, neat and manicured locations, the possibilities are endless


Printing Your Images

Nowadays we typically view images on screens, but is screen viewing good enough? Why are we not printing anymore? Dennis Bromage has the story



Constant creativity drives artistic innovation, and sharpens one’s skills. Ian Plant explains why photographers should treat every picture as an assignment


The Importance of the Print

The digital realm has brought infinite advantages. But when a photograph is created to fully enlighten the soul of the observer, the print is, still, King


Things Are Not What They Seem

How far is too far in post processing? Perhaps we should just stand back and just let the images speak for themselves, suggests Hani Latif Zaloum


Krimml Magic

Michael Breitung visits the Krimml cascades in Austria, and discusses becoming immersed in the roaring sound of tumbling water and its calming effect


Ghostly Avenue

Intentional Camera Movement creates a ghostly effect that can enhance the grandeur of subjects. Cheryl Hamer trys the technique at Plas Newydd on Anglesey


Photographic Competitions

When approached as a competitive endeavour, art can often turn from rewarding to frustrating. Alain Briot offers his advice on photographic competitions


Improve Your Photography

There is no cutting corners when it comes to learning the art of photography. However, you can speed up the learning process with some advice from the pros


Focusing & Depth of Field

Is it wise to focus a third in the scene and hope for the best, or wiser to employ the classic DOF technique? Mike Bell analyses all focusing techniques

Saturation Beyond Belief

Are the colours in landscape photographs growing ever more vivid over the years? Magazine covers seem to feature images with saturation beyond belief.