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Dimitri-VasileiouOPINION REQUEST

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As summer is almost gone and the new photographic season is approaching fast, we are thinking of implementing some potential changes / new features to the magazine and website. As we value our members and followers, we wish to reach out and ask you for your opinion. What would like to see in the magazine? What would you like to see on the website? All opinions and suggestions are very welcome.

The suggestions we will be able to implement will be rewarded with a Platinum membership for a year for new members or a Platinum membership one year extension for existing members.

Tell us what you want to see and we will do our best to deliver. Leave your opinions and thoughts on this page.

Get involved, place your voice, help us improve, have a publication the way you wish to see it.

This month in LPM. Fisheye photography, sand dune photography, zero footprint photography – you can also choose the appropriate waterproof jacket to go with all this.

And if you are in the market for a good tripod, all you need to do is to take Mike Bell’s advice on page 82.

Issue 42, 145 pages full of inspiration.

Enjoy Issue 42

Dimitri Vasileiou


Landscape With Words And Images

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Sand Dune Photography

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Beginners Guide to Tripod Choice

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addendum-zero-footprint Free Content

Zero Footprint

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My Fisheye Vision

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Creative Blocks

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My Favourite Location • Dorcas Eatch

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South Stack Sunset

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Book Review: The Art of the Photograph

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Colour or Monochrome?

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Wild Flowers of Wimbledon

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Photographing Sunlit Forests

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Winter Yellowstone

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Cove Bay, Moray Coast, Scotland

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Featured Artist • Sonja Grubenmann

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Two Schools of Thought

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Symmetry & Repetition

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Fisheye Revelations

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Gear Test • Waterproof Jackets

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Size matters

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Whatever It Doesn’t Take

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