Issue 34 • Dec 2013


It was only a few days ago that I thought we were right into the winter season. I was running a photo workshop on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and, we had snow, hale and cold weather. Now, just a few days later and the weather has turned again – rain, cold and pure misery. I can see another trip to a country with warmer climate coming up very soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love cold and winter, but rain and wind? I doubt anyone likes such weather, apart from the grass, of course.

Anyway, rant over; let’s see what we have this month.

May I suggest one of our main features to kick start the show? Women in Landscape Photography and, oh boy, women are really coming up strong and with a furious punch. I must be honest, I have seen so many gorgeous images produced by women out there and, I’d love to see many more. I will do my best to support women in landscape photography. I hope all women out there are listening as I am expecting them to support LPM back.

Our other main feature is a guide to winter landscapes. A superb guide that Mark Bauer put together for us and it’s full of educational and inspirational material.

Also, don’t forget to check out Mike Bell’s mission to the island of Raasay.



Choosing The Alternates

Great light in landscape photography can happen unexpectedly, and being prepared from every angle can supply us with valuable confidence of capturing it.


Leaving Sydney Harbour

A different viewpoint and some wonderful winter light provided Keith Wilson with a golden opportunity to make a fleeting composition of an iconic subject.


Capturing Time

We all do our best for our pictures to have a threedimensional look and feel to them. However, there is another dimension that is lost in translation: time

Free Post

The Art Of Concealment

Andy Brown advises about Autumn morning landscape photography with mist and fog and what the best practices are.

Deconstructing Vision

We’ve all heard about the importance of the ‘artist’s vision’ to the success of an image, and likely seen discussions separating craft from vision. Yet, defining artistic vision is not a trivial matter


Into The Light

Photographing into the light can have its advantages and disadvantages. Dennis Bromage has some advice to avoid flare in the frame when doing so.


Which Shutter Speeds?

Which shutter speeds should you use for landscape photography and what effect will they have on your photographs? David Hay shares his thoughts


Tools or Photography?

Are photographers obsessed with tools? Cameras, sensors, lenses – are they just means to the end of creating photographs, or are they the end in themselves?


Book Review: Colours Of The Earth

This month in Landscape Photography Magazine David Hay reviews the book ‘Colours of the earth’ by landscape photographer Bernhard Edmaier.


The Early Bird

You must have heard the expression The early bird catches the worm, or at least something similar, says Dimitri, depending the country you come from.


Photographing Raasay In Winter

Isle of Skye is one of the best destinations in Scotland for landscape photography. Its neighbour Raasay is equally photogenic and full of opportunities.


Starting A Photography Business 2

We have put together a series of articles that can help all those who are thinking of starting their own photography business, this is part 2