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    Exporting Pictures For Submission to Our Website

    If you are not familiar with procedures such as exporting images from Lightroom or Photoshop for submission to our website, here are some guidelines.

    To export a picture from Lightroom go to File > Export and when the popup window opens, follow the settings on the screenshot below.

    To export a picture from Photoshop first go to Image > Image Size to reduce the picture size (if it is larger than our requirements) see screenshot below.

    Once the image has been reduced in size, go to File > Save As... and add the settings in the screenshot below.

    After you have clicked Save, a new popup window will be displayed (see below). Add the settings in the screenshot below and click OK.

    In either case of Lightroom or Photoshop the file size should not be more than 6MB, which is the ideal size for submission to this website.