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Magazine Articles

Many articles published in the magazine can be written by anyone – readers or authors, enthusiasts or pros, men or women, old or young.

• Have you written an article on landscape photography?

• Have you visited a location and wish to write an article about it?

• Do you have an inspiring idea for an article?

We would love to publish your story in the magazine; write for us and earn cash.

Website Articles

We frequently publish ‘Free to Read’ articles on the website. These articles are designed to promote photographers and their writing skills. You can now contribute your own article and see it read by thousands of photographers worldwide.

As we already mentioned, these articles are free for all to read, therefore there is no payment involved. So, what's in it for you? We will promote you and your website to thousands of LPM readers and over 600,000 social media followers.


Article for Approval

First of all we need to approve your article. To do so, you need to send us the full text of the written article as well as samples of the images (800 pixels on the long side) via the submission form that can be found in the 'Submission Form' tab. Ideally, we will need 2-3 images per 1000 words. We will not use all the images you will submit but we need to choose the appropriate ones for design purposes.

Approved Article

Once your article has been approved we will email you and ask you to send us the full content, here is what you will need to send us and how to do so:

  1. As many images as seem fit for the article. For instance, for a 1000 word article you will need to include 2-3 images.
  2. Images will have to be jpg, a minimum of 3500 pixels on the long side and not highly sharpened.
  3. Images should not contain copyright signs or digital frames and should be saved at the highest quality possible; please note that you keep all copyright of your pictures. Make sure all digital images are free from sensor dust.
  4. Images should have all exif data intact. Images without exif data will not be accepted (unless captured in film).
  5. A document with titles, captions, location and country the images were captured should escort all images.
  6. Article. This needs to be up to 3000 words. We accept the actual article on .doc or .docx format only, pdf or any other format will not be accepted.
  7. A portrait of you around 2000 pixels on the long side. Make sure it is a head and shoulders one and your face is fully visible and in focus.
  8. A small bio of no more than 60 words written in the first person and your country of residence.
  9. Your website URL (optional)

Add all material in a simple zip file and name it "Article Submission".

Send us the zip file via our free file transfer channel, click here to send.


Article rates depend on length, interest and quality, as well as their position in the magazine or the website. We will be able to quote rates for your article after its approval.

All payments by Landscape Photography Magazine are made via Paypal. In order to receive payments from us, you will need to include your Paypal account email address. You will need to send us an invoice also. We will not be able to make any payments without these.

Upload Your Article

Terms & Conditions

We do not accept articles that have already been published elsewhere or articles translated to English by Google.

Once your article has been accepted, it cannot be reproduced in its full form or used in any form of media including ebooks, books, magazines, websites (including your own website) and so on for six months after its first publication in Landscape Photography Magazine. Six months later you can add the article to your website but not as it has been designed and published in LPM – our article design is fully copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without our consent. This excludes the publication of your images, they are your copyright, you can use them however you wish and publish them wherever and whenever you wish.

To promote your presence in the magazine, we will send you special material. For our full terms and conditions see here.

Submission Form

At this stage, all we need from you is the written article and samples of the images. These need to be jpg and 800 pixels on the long side. Add everything in a zip file and name it “Article for Approval”. Then, fill in the form with your details, add the zip file to the form and click submit. Don't close the browser page before the 'Thank You' message is displayed.