Matt Siler

There is something engaging about a photograph's ability to tell a story and convey an emotional message. It connects the viewer to the photo in a unique and personal manner whether it be through a memory, a dream, a fantasy, a desire, a wish etc. When telling my story it is exactly this connection that I am trying to create with the viewer. I do not feel encumbered by the need for pure journalistic accuracy in my images but instead want more from my work. To that end there’s generally a mood or an atmosphere in a scene that I'm experiencing when I capture an image. It is that very mood that I try to convey when you are viewing my photographs. My aim is to share an emotional experience rather than a perfect visual reconstruction. Growing up in the heart of New York City the images from magazines such as TIME, LIFE or National Geographic were my inspiration to begin exploring my world through Street Photography. If you are of such an age as to remember these magazines in particular, you will surely remember the many famous and powerful images found in the pages of those publications and how you were moved, stunned or many times shocked by their content. Such images were able to convey unusually strong, emotional messages which helped define their period in history and by extension connect us globally providing a pathway to greater understanding and connection to our world, much like social media has the ability to do today.