Jhonny Bakken

I am a landscape photographer from Norway. My first contact with photography was around the age of 12 when I tried my family’s Kodak instamatic with those square bulb blitz. The most interesting then was how those square blitzes worked, not the photography itself. Now, over 40 years later I am out and about in my local woodlands with my Canon 6D II scouting for woodland images. This is my way of recharging the batteries after the normal daily chaos. I also do some black & white photography and have started to enjoy that more throughout this winter, mostly due to the absence of colours. I enjoy long exposures when I photograph seascapes and waterfalls – the moody look can really enhance an image. I use a Canon 77D, a Benro tripod and an L-bracket which fits my PeakDesign Capture Camera clip. I use square ND filters for long exposures and my NISI V6 system – their Landscape CPL works amazingly well, no color cast in my images. My camera backpack is a Mammut Trion 35L alpin & Trekking backpack I have adapted for my camera gear.