Tom Weisbrook

Award-winning photographer, Tom Weisbrook, is Texas-based, and his main focus is creating colorful landscapes that reflect some of the most unique places in the United States. By capturing moments with magical light, his images reflect a combination of patience and dedication, with a determination to capture the images in the most captivating methods possible. It is his belief that his images have a way of conveying the feelings and stories behind each and every one, to help make the viewer feel as if they were there when the image was captured. Photography has been a major part of Mr. Weisbrook's life for the last 35 years. As a self-taught photographer, he has used books and videos as his instructor; but in-the-field is where he received the majority of his knowledge. Began quite modestly, shooting weddings, portraits, and Little League team pictures; but knew his true love was outdoor photography. It didn't take long before he realized that he needed to be in the great outdoors shooting nature, rather than in a studio or church shooting people. Areas of specialty include Landscapes, Architecture and Night Photography. An assignment with Texas Parks and Wildlife had him shooting a series of images at Palo Duro Canyon State Park for one of their projects. Over the years, he has developed an innovative style that blends realism with a little abstract expressionism to produce images that most everyone can relate to. The use of vibrant colors in his compositions makes his work an excellent choice for a variety of purposes and locations.