Susan Milinkovich

I began photographing with my father when I got my first Brownie camera in elementary school. My dad also loved photography and gave me the gift of “seeing” a photograph. Both my parents gave me a love of nature and an appreciation for the beauty to be found in our everyday world. You don't have to go to some faraway place, there is beauty all around you - you just have to take the time to see it and appreciate it. While I enjoy capturing the larger landscapes, it is the intimate details, colors, textures, or design of a landscape, structure or flower that often draws my attention. I love old structures and finding the intimate details that help tell the stories of their history. I also enjoy photographing children and frequently volunteer at events for children and families to photograph and print pictures for families who cannot afford to have formal pictures taken. My photographs have been used in a residential facility for children and adults with disabilities to create a more pleasant and relaxing environment and I frequently donate photographs to social service agencies for fund raisers and silent auctions. I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for photography with others and give presentations on composition; macro, close-up and intimate landscapes; and focus stacking to local camera clubs and at the photography workshops at the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont. If you have a camera club or group that would be interested in a presentation, please contact me. I also enjoy teaching one-to-one and helping people develop their skills. If you would be interested in a one-to-one session, we can tailor it to meet what would be most beneficial to your interests and skill development. We can do field sessions or kitchen table sessions, anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. The day can be full of learning, but also a fun day out in nature making photographs.