Steve Hammond

For over forty-five years, I've been dabbling with, studying and experimenting in photography. Early on, the physics of optics, chemistry and process around developing film, and later digital have fascinated me. I started, like most kids, with a pin hole camera, later Polaroids and Kodak Instamatics, and by around middle school taking classes and shooting architecture at the local parade of homes, and nature in local area forests, swamps and parks. It was not until I began to travel the globe about 20 years ago, that I really began to think more about drama and composition. About this time, digital made its way to photography. Having had access to initial Konica and Ricoh 35mm film cameras and then a Canon AE-1 (which I still have), I naturally moved to the exciting Canon EOS Rebel digital. As more global trips came and cameras advanced, I stepped up to Canon EOS 50D, and later 7D cameras and added a few lenses. Today, only this summer I got serious. Upgrading my camera to a mirrorless 5R from Canon, upgrading my Manfrotto tripod, adding a nice 200mm f2.8 lens and an ND filter - and, having taken a few fine art photography courses in landscape photography, I am ready for challenges.