Author profile: Mike Bell

Mike is a landscape photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland where his photographs have been used by Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, Visit Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and local tourist associations.



Choosing Lenses

What lenses do I need for landscape photography? There is no simple answer but there are a number of factors to take into consideration, explains Mike Bell.

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Location Planning

A successful landscape photography shoot requires planning, preparation and meticulous technique. Mike Bell shares his knowledge on location planning

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Focusing & Depth of Field

Is it wise to focus a third in the scene and hope for the best, or wiser to employ the classic DOF technique? Mike Bell analyses all focusing techniques

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Photopills-App-Review Free Content

Photopills App Review

Most landscape photographers use The Photographer’s Ephemeris app. Now, there is a new app that can do a lot more but, is Photopills worth the hype?

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