Mike Reid

I am from Seattle and love living here in the NW, surrounded by all our amazing natural beauty. I am primarily a Fuji/Sony/Zeiss floral, nature and landscape photographer. I am especially interested in vintage lenses and Aerial Photography. Amongst the flowers, a thin depth of field is my poetry. Capturing landscapes, my Zeiss primes are my paintbrushes. I am almost constantly out taking photos, whether in a local garden or at 8000 feet in the Enchantments Lakes Basin. Someone once said I have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. For me, this means catching a sunrise at 5 am for a clear reflection of Mount Rainier or doing backcountry hiking and camping to capture a fiery sunset. I see potential photographs wherever I go. Yet, nothing makes me feel like I do with a camera in hand, eye pressed to the eyepiece. I hope you can get a sense of this feeling in what you see in my imagery. I shoot Fuji GFX100s Medium Format, Sony A7R2 and the finest Zeiss prime lenses with a light touch concerning image processing. I also fly several drones.