Michel Balliere

I started with photography in the "AGFA/KODAK" ages. So that says something about my age and hopefully also something about my experience in photography. As a 16-year-old, I used to wear my camera everywhere and started learning what light means to a photo. Finally, I had a 2-year class in photography, and I was ready for this Journey. A Journey that brought me, in the first place, satisfaction and joy. I travelled a lot and met some wonderful people around the globe. Together with my parents, they gave me a masterclass in respecting people, whatever their colour or social status. Secondly, they taught me to appreciate nature. As a sailor, I was always intrigued by our oceans and seeing daily its vulnerability made me decide to start a project called 41blueocean. With the project, I try to make people aware of this vulnerability. But, unfortunately, we don't own the oceans; we are only users!