Marshal Hilton

Critically acclaimed character actor, visual storyteller, musician, landscape photographer, and creative muse. A life spent in front of Hollywood’s bright cameras telling stories, now positioned behind the camera capturing moments. Working as a professional actor in eighty plus films over 30 years, I've learned something new about myself with each character I create, story I tell, and every place I explore. Every person we meet has a story. Every place we visit also has a story. As an observer of life and nature, with every photo assignment I take, with each image I capture, the creative challenge is to find that which is not obvious, explore the deep layers, and present our unique relationship with nature and how we experience the world. Photos must tell natures story in moment, without speech, with dignity and respect; too inspire curiosity, ignite the imagination, and create an emotional connection in the minds eye of the viewer is the challenge that excites my eye, and hopefully yours as well.