Marnix Van Marcke

Marnix Van Marcke has started with photography as a hobby during the seventies. Very soon his hobby transformed into a passion for landscape photography. As such he became an adopter of the “Zone System” and the “Fine Print” techniques as developed by the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams. Professionally he was active in the computer software industry but recently he started his own business as landscape photographer. He switched to digital photography around the year 2000 and thanks to his IT background this step from analogue to digital was relatively smooth. His experience and knowledge of the “Zone System” and the “Fine Print” was (and still is) applied to the digital photography techniques resulting in very high quality prints. Marnix is the author of a number of photo books. Besides the photographs and text he also takes care of the layout and pre-press. He publishes his books through Besides his activities as a photographer he is a well appreciated speaker on the subject of landscape photography. As such he regularly gives lectures to the Flemish amateur photo community.