Author profile: Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers with work published worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, including ‘The Landscape Photography Workshop’ (with Ross Hoddinott).



On Filters

Many photographers prefer to perform fine-tuning with post-processing tools. Mark Bauer makes the case for neutral density graduated filters.

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A stormy sunrise over Old Harry Rocks

Interest or Obsession?

Have we become obsessed with foregrounds? Mark Bauer reveals how to use foreground elements to your advantage and explains when your work will benefit from eliminating them altogether

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Dynamic Range

Do the new Canon 50mp cameras offer the dynamic range that landscape photographers crave and can they compete with the competition? Mark Bauer has the story

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The 2015 Wish List

Landscape photographer, Mark Bauer, looks back at some of last year’s new camera releases and shares his ‘wish list’ for 2015

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Gear Test: Fuji X-T1

The X-T1 is the latest model from Fuji’s X series of cameras, but how good is it in comparison with its ancestors? We sent Mark Bark to Iceland to find out

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