Lynne Douglas

My passion for Art started when I was about seven on a trip to the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery in Glasgow with my Dad. I was mesmerised by the Salvador Dali Painting of Christ of Saint John of the Cross; the surreal and unusual perspective triggered something in me that eventually materialised into a passion for Creative Photography. In 2012, when I took my first (accidental) ICM, I discovered that creating my own surreal view of the landscape was possible with my camera. At that time I was a single parent with a successful career as a research scientist. I had two daughters going through University on a single salary and I travelled a lot for work. As a result, photoshoots had to be local to Glasgow and for years I haunted the area around Loch Lomond. Once the girls were grown, they suggested I move into the landscape I wanted to photograph, nice! Ten years and three house moves later, I am finally at home on Skye, photographing, printing and travelling the Hebrides and Orkney. Creating art as a full time career has its ups and downs; financial instability and all sorts of crises of confidence being just the tip of the iceberg. But today, as I sip my coffee at 5am, I look out of my studio window at a misty Old Man of Storr and I still get the rush of adrenalin as I grab my gear and head out the door.