Lena Bruce

I have been passionate about photography since my teens when I fell in love with seascapes and the coast in general, which is still where I get my deepest inspiration, but I look for details anywhere and everywhere - in the majestic and the macro. I adore dramatic scenes and I particularly appreciate the power of wild seas and the immense forces at work that can be captured. They fascinate me, as do the shapes put up by the wind and waves. Likewise with the land; the earth (and mankind) occasionally throw up the most breathtaking and fantastic creations, and my aim is to capture and encapsulate them effectively, and inspire others to see them as I do. Apart from the enormous vistas, the beautiful calm waters and the surprising turns of the scenery, it is also the people you see at beautiful places that make it special for so many different reasons. You learn so much about people when you see them in their quiet moments alone. Photography has always been my favourite outlet for expression and my aim is to share this passion with you. "Photography captures the moments that words fail to articulate"