Keith Doucet

Christmas, 1966, and my mother gave me a camera, you know, just a cheap plastic Holga. I was hooked. I photographed anything that moved and some things that didn't. High school, I had access to a darkroom. Missed many an English class because I was too wrapped up in making prints to notice the time. Didn't shoot digital until the year 2008. Now the digital darkroom is just a mere extension of my Wet Darkroom days only now it costs far less money. I do however miss the smell of Bromide. Living most of my life on the East Coast of Canada (Nova Scotia) I find it hard to see the beauty that the many visitors that come here see. You get used to the views and the beauty gets lost and seems mundane to me. Not like the wonder and awe that places from far away have on me when I visit or work. Canada is an awesome country to travel in. My first visit to The Canadian Rockies about seven years ago, I was excited like a ten-year-old child. The grandeur, the diversity in flora, it was overwhelmingly spectacular. Now I try to feel the same way when I travel in my province. It's hard to do but it's a challenge to see things so familiar in the same way I see things that are foreign to me.