James Vooght

As an avid outdoorsman in several capacities throughout my life, the integration of photography and capturing nature has gone hand in hand since I was a child. Being able to share how I view nature, landscapes and some wildlife has been one of the greatest joys of my adult life. Ever since learning how to use a camera and learning the fundamentals of photography, my hobby and lifestyle have been rooted in everything I have ever done. From capturing snapshots as a teenager to earn merit badges in the Boy Scouts, to taking editorial-style photos in my emergency services career, to sharing my art with my coworkers and the Internet in my current career, photography has been a massive part of what inspires me to live my life in the outdoors and nature. I aspire every day to challenge myself to capture a better image and to be able to share my knowledge with other photographers. It is always a great measure of satisfaction that I have been able to help others on this journey into artistic expression through photography.