Geraint Rowland

I enjoy travelling and photography has given me another excuse to travel to new Cities and destinations around the World. I have taken travel photos for the Peruvian Government, event and sporting photography for SweetSpot, and product and location photos for the clothing company Sundried. I have had my photographs published in several papers in the United Kingdom including: the Telegraph and the Sunday Times. I have exhibited in both the United Kingdom and Peru. In 2018 I won the Wanderlust Travel Magazine Photo of the year competition which resulted in a trip to Macau & Hong kong where I had to take some travel images for the respective tourist boards. I currently have over five thousand photographs available for licence via Getty images. All of the images on my website are available for sale. In addition to photography I enjoy the great outdoors – surfing, snowboarding, cycling and walking. I can’t live without music, surround myself in books and enjoy a beer or two.