Franka Gabler

Award-winning photographer and scientist, Franka M. Gabler, developed a fascination, admiration, and respect for nature early in her lifetime. Soon after moving to California in 1997, she experienced her first wilderness backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Ever since that time, she has been photographing the magnificence of the high-country mountains and the California landscape. Her photographs are evocative - the light and atmosphere evident in her photographs often result in sentimental impact and ethereal feeling. She strives to capture the mood and the essence of the place she photographs. Franka’s photographs have won many awards, including the most recent – a 1st place award for the ‘Intimate and Abstract’ category of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. Her photographs are published in several books and she has been featured in several photography magazines. Franka has been invited to speak at several photography conferences.