Frank Hoogeboom

I first picked up a camera in my early teens. Living nearby an US Air Force Europe airbase, a subject was soon found. I've spent quite some years photographing military aircraft and I still do this occasionally. When I became more interested in the craft of photography, I started shooting other subjects as well, starting with landscapes. Following a few courses at our local art school brough a technical impulse to my work. The major step forward, however, started with following workshops led by seasoned professional photographers and, even more, with embarking on an exciting photographic trip to the Lofoten islands in Norway. On this trip, all pieces fell into place. I found my signature there, or did it find me? Anyway, a number of other photographic travels followed in which I learned from the greatest photographers. Soon I began to organize our family holidays around photographic interesting landmarks and I have built up a significant portfolio, from which a small selection is shared on this website. Landscapes and waterscapes are still my main topics and I try to limit myself to this in order to keep focus. I have found that photography enables me to express myself, which is quite special for an introvert. I also believe that the images created reflect your personality. Since I like peace, quietness and structure, my images depict that. I still learn every day about photography and feel privileged for the fact that I have obtained an audience that makes the effort to follow and support my work. I hope to be able to continue this forever.