Francois Morin

The first time I laid my hands on a camera was back in my teenage years when photography was still being processed on film. I still have vivid memories of that period when I was learning and discovering the craft of creating images with my Canon AE-1 SLR. Even though I enjoyed photography, I was mainly snapping images while on vacation or travelling. But it is with the advent of digital photography that my passion really kicked in and pushed me to explore the almost limitless capabilities that the technology suddenly made possible. It triggered the urge I had in me to go out more and shoot more, knowing I was now able to control my entire photographic process, from camera to the final image processing. Over the years I developed a real passion for landscape photography. Witnessing the wonders of our surroundings, close or remote, and knowing very well that each captured moment will be unique makes it a fully intense and emotional experience, every single time. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I do consider myself a passionate and enthusiastic individual driven by the relentless search of the ultimate image.