Ernesto Ruiz

I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Minnesota to pursue graduate studies in architecture. I live in St. Paul with my wife, where I practice architecture and enjoy boating, dancing, camping, and as much travel as possible. My interest in photography was born in 1994 when I bought an EOS Rebel S for a student trip to Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed photography from the beginning, but it had to temporarily take a back seat to my architecture education and first years of practice. The photography world changed dramatically during this time as digital imaging opened new creative opportunities and challenges. I was initially disheartened by the change and sold my 35mm kit in the early 2000s. I remember thinking that I was likely done with photography for good. Things changed dramatically in 2014 when I casually purchased a used DSLR system for my first vacation with my soon-to-be wife. I quickly realized how much I missed photography. More importantly, I realized that digital imaging was still photography, that the experience of framing and capturing an image was still the same, and that the skills I had developed in the past were still relevant even with the newer digital equipment. Things have progressed rapidly since then. I am a frequent participant in art shows, and my images have been exhibited in galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops in Minnesota. I am proud that my work, including my writing, has also been featured in local and international publications.