Eric Thiessen

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, much of my time was spent in the outdoors. While growing up, I dedicated most of my free time to physical activities such as mountain biking, running, hiking and hockey. I was always that kid in school who would take every run in P.E class seriously, play sports during lunchtime and then spend my evenings playing hockey or riding my bike. It never crossed my mind that I would pursue the arts as a young adult. In 2016, I regularly hiked in the alpine and got to see some of the most pristine locations on Vancouver Island. When I bought my first camera, my intent was to capture mountains better than my phone camera. In time, I became intrigued by the unique characteristics involved with landscape photography. I started to see that images can be more than just a quick snapshot in time, but a way to express oneself through an image and create an atmosphere of mood and emotion within a photograph. Photography allowed me to connect with people from around the world and create an awesome, like-minded community. However, the greatest benefit of pursuing landscape photography is the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular places on Earth and see the hand of God work in extortionary ways.