Dylan Tom

It was right from my childhood that I got inspired by this awesome instrument which captures every moment of beauty onto a piece of paper, but I was only able to handle it when I was a teenager. In fact ,the camera was an auto focus one. later I was able to be the proud owner of an SLR camera which was none other than the Minolta SRT 303, with a 50mm lens. The camers was the tip of the iceberg for my creative photography and it was like a free flowing river. My learning process in the art got technical fillip through observing great photographers works, and also thorough various Photographic magazines(Internet was not there at that time). Then I owned a Nikon F80 and Nikorr 35-80mm and Tamron 70 – 300 mm Lens and continued my photographic endeavour all in film media.Then suddenly due to personal reasons mainly due to reasons of my studies there was a hiatus in my photographic life, during that time I feel very sad. When looking back I think it was for good because , when I reinvented me to photograhy the whole scenario was changed, there was no film , it was all digital all the way , and I think this change was good for photography. my first digital slr was Canon 550 d, with canon 18-35 mm and sigma 150-500mm Basically I am landscape photographer, it is the beautiful landscapes and play of light and shadows over the terrain which fascinated me, and l consider landscape photography as creating a poem with light ,and it is very refreshing,. presently I am endeavouring into wild life Photography also, as far as I am concerned wild life photography comes secondary only to wildlife, any one who pursue this genre of photography must change himself into a lover of wildlife, the first instant of a wild life photographer should be to observe the wildlife and photography must come only secondary to it . Now I am Using Canon R5, Canon Rf 15-35 L, Canon Rf 100-500 L. I Love Photographing the nature in RAW.