Dennis Bennett

Much of my photography was done with an old-fashioned wood-field 4 x 5 view camera. Photography with a view camera is time consuming and deliberate, so there’s no such thing as just a quick snapshot. I entered the digital world of photography with much kicking and screaming because in the beginning, digital imaging wasn't nearly as good (clear) as film. However, industry, marketing, and advertising demanded the use of, and the immediate availability of the digital realm. Nowadays, I still enjoy using the 4x5 camera, but I can do so much more with today's digital equipment, including the computer where I process the images captured with modern digital cameras. Interestingly, the study of composition, contrast of light, and leading ones’ eye to a particular area of a photograph (which is critical in advertising photography) still apply as much as ever in creating effective and captivating photos – for whatever their purpose.