Craig Bill

Craig always felt at home artistically among Nature. Having key influential family and friends during his youth vastly encouraged his passion for natural world exploration and soul-searching... one that has continued to elevate his sense of conservation and love for photography that creatively captures unique natural events and places. Today, a biologist and mostly self-taught photographer, Craig adds cutting edge techniques to be a creative pioneer within the industry. Described as an eclectic personality, a thrill seeker and an innovative genius with extraordinary photographic achievements, Craig earned himself a wide range of prestigious awards and recognitions including a #1 Panoramic Image in the World, World Landscape Photographer of the Year, World Fine Art Photographer of the Year as well as numerous other Photographer of the Year awards while achieving a Master of Photography in Fine Art. Craig's images have been seen in gallery events and publications such as Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, USA Today, National Television, The Nature Conservancy, and the U.S. National Park Service as well as being collected by U.S. presidents, celebrities, and private fine art collectors internationally. His hard work paid off - creating a true demand by all walks of life. His vivid, high impact style that he is known for is inspiring to say the least - as some say "an indescribable feeling of amazement and captivating visual drama". His fascinating images are consistently awarded and are growing in worldwide recognition, making him among the most awarded landscape photographers to date. With every new release, Craig promises to stir our hearts and eyes with even more high impact images of our planetary home.