Christos Vasiliadis

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Living in such a busy, fast-paced city where stress and responsibilities are part of daily life, I turned to photography as a form of expression and escape. I took many photos, the classic "everyday" photos that everyone captures until 2011 when I started to explore photography more deeply and realized that for me, photography is actually a way of life. I'm self taught, starting from zero and gradually developing my skills and the technicalities of photography. I'm not a professional, just a passionate photographer with a full-time job and a wonderful family. Landscape photography has developed into a passion, and I consider myself lucky to live in a country that offers great variety and diversity of natural landscapes. A trek on a mountain or a coastal area satisfies me like nothing else. Photography and nature is unique combination and this beauty is what I try to convey through my photos.